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Edenia Labs is your ideal partner to build solutions using industry 4.0 technologies and web3.
Startup teams and founders
Startup teams and founders
Large-scale companies
Large-scale companies
Developers looking to collaborate
Developers looking to collaborate
Investors seeking opportunities
Investors seeking opportunities

Let your imagination run free

Partner with Edenia Labs to experiment and build using industry 4.0 technologies and web3.

Ideation and funding guidance:

Whether you’re an early-stage startup or just an idea, we help you conceptualize your project and draft a financing plan.

User experience and UI design:

We understand the importance of the design process for any project, either UX, UI, or the visual branding of an app.

Solution development:

Our team of experienced developers can build from the ground up your project using the latest tech stack.

What is the industry 4.0

After humankind adopted steam power and mass assembly lines, the third industrial revolution arrived with the spawn of computers. Now, we’re seeing the digitalization of manufacturing and how data and powerful computers enable autonomous systems to optimize how we produce and communicate through robotics, machine learning, and more emerging technologies. We’re blurring the lines between virtual and real.


Internet of Things

Autonomous vehicles


Renewable energy

Virtual reality (VR)



What is web3

The term web3 has been coined for the current developments to build decentralized networks alternate to closed protocols that have ruled the internet since the mid-2000s. Blockchain technology, which allows decentralization and token-based economics, has cemented the foundations for web3, thus enabling true ownership of digital assets such as NFTs and digital identities.






Digital Identity

Blockchain games



How we can help you?

Ideation and prototyping:

We’ve guided projects since their conception until having a functioning prototype to test and validate with real first users.

How to fund your project:

Looking for funding for your 4.0 tech or web3 project? We can help you draft financing and business plans, pitch decks, and more to fund your project or startup.

Designing user flows and research:

We specialize in UX design and research. We aim to add the most value to the users and help solve their pain points using innovative technologies.

Visual and UI design:

Our team has experience in visual design, look-and-feel, and the UI of various solutions and apps and adapt them to existing brandings.

Developing using the latest tech stack:

Our developers have experience working with the latest tech stack in the industry 4.0 and web3. Get to know more about our tech stack.

Growth and product-market-fit strategies:

We have experience defining go-to-market strategies for projects in the early stages or during growth. We can also help you identify your product-market fit.

Partner with us and get started

I’m a startup founder
I’m a startup founder

Build and validate your prototype.

Prepare to fund and grow your startup.

Design and develop your solution.

I represent a company
I represent a company

Ideation workshops and prototyping.

Design user flows and research

Develop using the latest tech stack.

I’m a developer
I’m a developer

Collaborate on open-source projects.

Learn using newly acquired knowledge.

Build your career participating with us.

I’m an investor
I’m an investor

Seek investment opportunities.

Hire experienced development teams.

Learn how to invest in web3.


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